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Delta Risk provides customizable courses for your cyber security training needs 

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Delta Risk focuses on demonstrated capability and not simply documenting compliance
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Delta Risk specializes in: Strategy Development Contingency Planning, Incident Response and Operations Technical Training, Exercises,...
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Delta Risk designs and executes cyber defense training and assessment events against realistic threats
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From the White House to Wall Street, Delta Risk utilizes cyber expertise in US cyber leadership and academia as well as the global Internet...


Delta Risk leverages its White House and Wall Street experience to assist clients in crafting risk management solutions.  Our team understands the challenges posed by changing threat and regulatory environments, and has worked with public and private sector clients in developing effective policy solutions.

Delta Risk conducts sophisticated assessments of our clients' cyber defenses. The most important aspects of these are not the document reviews or technical assessment of systems and networks. It is the non-technical evaluation of our clients' training and processes through interviews and scenario-driven exercises. Technology is the foundation of a good defense, but usually the cyber battles are won or lost by the reactions of the people involved.

Our instructors develop and teach training courses on a variety of topics including: cyber warfare, exercise planning, contingency planning, intelligence support for cyber warfare, top-level domain operations, CIRT and Fusion Center Operations, red teaming, intrusion monitoring, enterprise cyber defense, insider detection, and detecting the Advanced Persistent Threat.

Delta Risk has a long history in exercise development and execution. We are pioneers in the Department of Defense for developing unique and advanced methods and exercise formats to help achieve strenuous training objectives. The more complex the exercise, the more accurate the results will be, and the more accurate organizations can assess their risk posture. Programs include small-scale tabletops for CEOs and flag-level officers, technical drills for attackers and defenders, and large-scale national exercises to game all aspects of national power.