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SaaS Application Security

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Security for Your Modern Business Apps


Figuring out the best options for Microsoft Office 365 security doesn’t have to be complicated. ActiveEye simplifies this task and gives you the visibility you need. You’ll get easy-to-understand, actionable insights, plus 24×7 monitoring from our team of experts in our US-based 24×7 SOC.


ActiveEye interfaces directly with Google’s native G Suite security capabilities through APIs. It collects and analyzes detailed security event information to identify the events and threats that really matter. See alerts in an easy-to-use web portal or notifications to messaging tools.

Bridge the Gap to Adopting Cloud Apps Without Compromising Security

Modern organizations are leveraging software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to power employee productivity, finance, human resources, customer relationship management functions, and more. The SaaS approach enables businesses to rapidly adopt new capabilities faster and more cost-effectively than they could through on-premise deployment.

Unfortunately, with these benefits comes new risks. Applications beyond the traditional enterprise perimeter can unknowingly expose data outside the organization, allow access via compromised accounts, and cut down on the visibility needed to identify insider threats from privileged accounts. Although vendors managing cloud platforms are responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all of the services they offer in the cloud, the shared responsibility model means that configuring these platforms securely and monitoring them is up to the people using them.

ActiveEye SaaS Application Security combines configuration best practices with advanced analytics to give you visibility and control into the tools you use every day to drive your business, including Office 365, Google G Suite, Okta, Box, and others. ActiveEye for SaaS Application Security connects quickly to your applications via API and integrates with ActiveEye Managed Security, your existing security information and event management (SIEM) software, security tools, and appliances, or even other managed security service provider (MSSP) solutions.


What can ActiveEye help you see?

Insider Threats

  • Excessive File Access
  • World-Readable Files/Folders

External Threats

  • Log-ons from Unusual Country
  • Brute-Force Attack


  • New User Creation
  • Group Administration

Bridge the Gap to Modern SaaS Security

saas breaches

Prevent Cloud Breaches

Get visibility into how your SaaS application data is being exposed, who is accessing the data, and from where. Get immediate visibility to any anomalous access.

saas insider threats

Detect Insider Threats

Harness advanced analytics to profile user actions and detect behavior not part of normal business activity. Quickly identify any misuse of resources.

saas compliance

Demonstrate Compliance

Easily complete regular review of SaaS application configuration activity and user access. Extend compliance reporting to the cloud.

SaaS Application Security


  • Integrate with Existing Security Ecosystem
  • Single Dashboard for Visibility Across All Applications
  • Review Administrative Actions That Could Create Risk

Is ActiveEye SaaS Application Security Right for You?



  • Custom Rules and Best Security Practices
  • Office 365, G Suite, & Okta
  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning


  • Cloud Security Experts
  • SaaS Application Engineers
  • Cyber Security Technicians


  • Detect Threats in Real Time for Faster Incident Response
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Prevent Misconfigurations and DataBreaches

ActiveEye SaaS Application Security Benefits

  • Get a view of activity across all SaaS applications in one place
  • Detect external attacks and insider threats quickly
  • Evaluate configuration polices for data security, such as open access to file shares or connections from outside a corporate VPN
  • Review events like users added to admin access groups and external file sharing
  • Use existing workflows with email alerts, helpdesk integrations, and syslog streams
  • Get a security assessment of your existing cloud platforms to see any gaps

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