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Compliance and strategy are critical for organizations operating in heavily regulated sectors like healthcarefinancial servicesenergy, and others. Delta Risk understands the challenges of government and industry regulations, and offers our clients the expertise and solutions they need to address them effectively.

In a world of unlimited needs and limited resources, organizations must ensure that their compliance programs are efficient and cost-effective. With so many overlapping yet disjointed requirements, organizations struggle to achieve and maintain compliance. In turn, with the threats behind many of these regulations becoming increasingly persistent and dangerous, the patience of regulatory agencies has grown thin. The result is a notable uptick in the severity of post-breach sanctions and fines. This in turn makes operating a business more costly and introduces potential legal risks. Organizations that fail to implement foundational third-party vendor and risk assessments along with basic cyber security controls that have been mandated by these regulations will be held accountable.

How Delta Risk Can Help

Delta Risk consultants have the expertise and tools to efficiently and effectively evaluate and document where your organization stands in its journey to maintain regulatory compliance.

This includes documenting program strengths and accomplishments, as well as identifying key program shortfalls — before the auditors and examiners do. Perhaps most importantly, Delta Risk compliance assessments provide our clients with the data-driven, prioritized recommendations, and expected return on investment needed to inform better risk management and investment decision-making.

Our consultants have decades of collective experience helping clients comply with a wide range of regulations, including: 

We also have experience assessing and implementing various federal, state, and international regulations and mandates.

Delta Risk Advantages

  • We evaluate the sufficiency and effectiveness of the technical, procedural, and administrative controls required to meet your compliance requirements
  • We perform document review and synthesis of all associated policies, prior assessments, and audits
  • We conduct interviews with all relevant stakeholders to minimize time away from pressing responsibilities
  • We go through a thorough evaluation of all relevant processes and associated security controls where sensitive data is present
  • Delta Risk has experience evaluating your peers and a variety of industries


  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Assessments
  • Documentation of Program Strengths
  • Baseline and Scorecarding Against Regulatory Requirements and Industry Peers
  • Risk-Based, Prioritized Action, and Investment Plans


  • Experienced Cyber Security Consultants
  • Seasoned Ex-CISOs
  • Regulatory Experts
  • Cyber Security Technicians


  • Verify and Streamline Compliance Efforts
  • Provide C-Suite Assurance
  • Meet Audit Requirements (Internal & External)
  • Establish a Baseline and Measure Progress
  • Improve Risk Management Decision-Making

Is an Information Security Compliance or Risk Assessment Right for You?

  • You have a regulatory requirement to perform periodic information security risk assessments
  • You need to understand and document your organization’s current level of compliance with one or more federal, state, and international information security regulations or industry mandates
  • You need to prioritize and optimize cyber and information security investments
  • You need to show your C-Suite the benefits of increasing your security budget

Delta Risk Services Include: 

  • Flexible frameworks
  • Actionable guidance
  • Expert subject-matter resources
  • Structured methodology
  • Minimal impact on personnel and operations